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Eavesdropped proof

Eavesdropped proof

All electronic equipment generates electromagnetic signals that are radiated in, for example the air and electronic wires. These signals can contain secret information!


When you use a mobile phone, your speech are translated to electromagnetic signals that are sent out into the air through the antenna. The signals are picked up by a base station that forwards the signals to the receiver’s mobile phone, where the signals are translated back to speech which the receiver can understand.

Like a mobile phone, equipment such as a computer screen or a keyboard, generates unintentional signals that can easily be eavesdropped using simple equipment. The obtained signals can then be recreated to the original information, like for example a copy of the computer screen or the text entered on the keyboard.

The eavesdropping threat constitute a high risk to your organisation because it is invisible. An attack on a network almost always leaves traces and you can take actions accordingly. But if someone eavesdrop on electromagnetic signals radiated from your computer equipment in the air, in electronic wires, heating pipes etcetera, it will never come to your attention!


How can you protect against compromising emanations?

The only way to protect your IT environment from the invisible eavesdropping threat is to use anti-eavesdrop protected equipment.

During the last three decades Comex Electronics AB has successfully developed products that are protected against eavesdropping and meets the requirements of the Swedish Armed Forces.