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Industriell Ethernet

Comex offers GarretComs product lines for communication in harsh industrial environments. The product lines includes all usual network functionality and especially designed products for connection with measuring instruments/sensors to SCADA.

All products in GarrettComs assortment can be protected with "conformal coating" which means that the circuit board in the product is covered with an thin layer of synthetic resin or organic polymer applied to PCBs and electronic components for protection against environmental, mechanical, electrical, and chemical problems including contaminants such as dust, dirt, fungus, moisture, chemicals, thermo mechanical stress, mechanical shock, and vibration. There is also a thicker variant of "conformal coating" that is used in GarretComs OGP (Oil, Gas and Petrolium) products, this is more protective against extreme moisture and gas permeation, this thicker protection complies with MIL-I-46058C for military applications.