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Comex BioSec Reader®

Comex BioSec Reader® is a Common Criteria EAL4+ evaluated. The smart card reader is designed to meet the need for a secure high-end alternative to PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) products available on the market. It combines smart card technology, finger biometrics and eavesdropping protection into a unique product offering a wide range of applications from physical access to digital signing of electronic documents.

Comex BioSec Reader® is available in three differnet versions, all containing the same security features a part from the level of protection against compromising emanations.






This version has the highest level of protection against compromising emanations. This version has protection against compromising emanations. This version has no protection against compromising emanations but contains all other
    security features implemented in the product.


The card terminal has, in the Swedish military version, been developed in co-operation with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration in order to provide strong identification of users in the modern defence. All included technology have thoroughly been selected from companies in the technical frontline.

Comex BioSec Reader® has several unique built-in features and is designed to be secure in an unsafe environment. During processing of secret data such as PIN-codes and fingerprint templates, the reader’s communication interface to the outside world is deactivated. Before the communication interface is reactivated again, all buffers in the reader are actively erased.

The incorporation of finger biometrics in Comex BioSec Reader® strengthen the security by providing a third identity control to smart card and PIN-code, when creating a digital signature. The card terminal uses a match-on-card technology, where the users fingerprint, retrieved from the sensor, is matches with the stored fingerprint on the smart card.

Integration software

Drivers for Comex BioSec Reader® are available for Microsoft Windows and Linux environments.

See Secure Logon / PKI Solutions for more information about client softwares for integration of smartcards into your existing IT system.