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Examples of our product range

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EU-Tempest Thin Client

Latest generation of eavesdropping protected computers, built to
all those security and functional requirements.

EU-Tempest KVM Client

A new concept of Client protected against compromising emanations. It is a new generation of KVM Client.

EU-Tempest MiniTower

MiniTower is the latest design and much smaller and fulfils the requirements as EU-Tempest Tower. 

EU-Tempest notebook A

This notebook is developed from the Panasonic Toughbook CF-31.

EU-Tempest Notebook B

Its a high-end professional ruggedized notebook, ideal for extreme environments.

EU-Tempest Document Scanner

The Comex Document Scanner offers fast automated duplex scanning.

EU-Tempest Tower

The tower is designed for maximum performance, scalability and reliability

EU-Tempest Laser printer

Compact black and white laser printer with many features. Easy-to-use, reliable, ideal for high quality documents.

EU-Tempest Security Cabinet

The Security Cabinet is unique
product that is protected against compromising emanations by itself, regardless of the equipment you choose to install within.

EU-Tempest Color Printer

The printer provides brilliant and realistic color pictures with an excellent photo quality.