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Secure Logon / PKI Solutions

Authentication and logon systems with smart cards


Comex Electronics AB has developed products such as drivers and client software that integrates the use of Comex BioSec Reader® and smart cards into Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix environments.

All products are carefully reviewed by a third party, which secures that design and quality of source code matches the security demands for the systems intended security level such as Top Secret, Secret or Restricted. Common Criteria EAL4+ or EAL2+ documentation are also produced for all products.

We can adjust our secure authentication and logon system to your specific needs. Contact our Software department for more information.

Client software for PKI solutions — cAccess

cAccess integrates the use of smartcards into Microsoft Windows or Linux/Unix envirnments, enabling the use of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) within your organisation.

cAccess enables functionalities such as:

  • - Increased security in the authentication process to computer systems
  • - Supports both local logon and domain logon
  • - Digital signing and encryption of e-mail in MS Outlook
  • - Digital signing of documents, such as MS Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat
  • - Establishing of virtual private network (VPN)
  • - Terminal services and Citrix connections

The Swedish Defence version of cAccess is used by the Swedish Defence as their main authentication product.


Presence based secure access — BeThere®

BeThere® is a unique product that combines two worlds, the physical security represented by the access control system ARX (ASSA), and the logical security concerning computer network logon. This combination reduces several of the most common security risks regarding access to both computer networks and restricted areas.

What does BeThere® do?

When a user tries to logon to a computer network account, BeThere® only allows access if the user is successfully authenticated in the physical access control system and resides in an allowed security zone. Since the ARX system is configurable to have a building, a floor or a single room as separate security zones, a user can be allowed to logon to a computer network account in for example the sales department but not in the research and development department.

High flexibility and easy to use

BeThere® can easily be adjusted to meet the customers specific needs:
  • - BeThere® can be used together with token (e.g. smartcard) or username/password logon
  • - Different access rules can be configured for individual users or user groups. For example,
    only allow consultants to logon to the computer  network weekdays between 09.00 and 18.00.
  • - BeThere® is very simple to incorporate into an existing computer network. There is no need for user education.
    The user will not notice any change as long as they authenticate themselves properly in the ARX access control system.
  • - The administration of BeThere® can be performed centrally.


What are the benefits?

Here are some examples of benefits when using BeThere®:
  • Reduces the insider threat
    It is easy and fast for an attacker to copy data like source codes and blueprints to a USB- stick. A rule can be set to only allow access to secret computer systems, like for instance the R&D network, if there are at least two people in the room. Perhaps one of them must have a special security clearance?

  • Reduces the social engineering threat
    It is very difficult to protect against the social engineering threat. But the usage of Be There® will make all employees aware of the importance of authentication within the physical access control system. If you let someone in by holding up the door, that person cannot work because it is impossible to logon to the computer account.

  • Increased control and traceability of employees
    Since all employees will learn to authenticate within the physical access control system, the control and traceability of the employees will increase. This could be very important in case of fire.

BeThere® is launched in cooperation between Comex Electronics AB and ASSA AB where the product is integrated with the ARX access control system. The cooperation was started in purpose to integrate logical and physical security to create a unique solution.