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Support and Services


We offer business custom / maintenance support for our proprietary systems and within our service offering and our partners systems.

Sign a maintenance agreement with Us for a more secure operational environment

We offer, additional to our developing related services, even maintenance services which concern our delivered products, network installations, and functional solutions. We offer the maintenance services both in-house at the customer as well as via helpdesk. We also offer service of the hardware.

These are our available services in maintenance and service:

  • - Installation and configuration
  • - Education (for technical personnel and end users)
  • - Maintenance (helpdesk and in-house )
  • - Additional IS/IT-services (network design, security guidance, etc.)
  • - Service of Comex® products

We adjust our maintenance agreements to suit each client's unique needs.

Lifetime Extension and increase the performance of your computer system 

With Comex skilled employees gets you satisfied computer user and the security of your internal IT environment working properly even after assurances and amortization periods are over.