• Michael Aronowitsch

    Graduated in economics and civil engineering, born in 1951: Has a solid background with leading positions in, among other things, American and Swedish computer companies. Other board assignments include Aronowitsch & Lyth AB (publ), Art Auctions Scandinavia AB, Cominvest Systems (UK) Ltd, Gray Hawk AB, Royal Blue AB and Skandinaviska Handelskompaniet AB

  • Stefan Aronowitsch

    Chairman of the Board file. Bachelor's degree, born 1948: Has many years of experience from various managerial positions in the pharmaceutical and marine industries.

  • Thomas G. Lindqvist


    Born 1950: Partner in LINQ Advokat AB. Has many years of experience as a business lawyer and advisor, among other things to Swedish and foreign IT/tech companies. Other board assignments include Aronowitsch & Lyth AB (publ), Advokatfirman Katarina Lindqvist AB, Bostadsrättsföreningen Engelbrekt 13 and United International Pictures AB.

  • Tommy Brolin


    Born 1943: Has many years of experience as a patent attorney and was previously patent manager and senior consultant at Albihns AB. Partner in the Zacco group, one of Europe's leading consulting companies in intellectual property law. Is now active in Brolin IP Services AB.

  • Håkan Pettersson


    Born 1947: Flight officer with many years of experience from managerial positions within the Swedish Armed Forces. Previously as head of the military intelligence and security service (MUST) until May 31, 2007. The position included, among other things, responsibilities as the defense force's security chief and the total defense's signal protection chief. Most recently as head of HM the King's military staff until 1 October 2018. Currently senior advisor to HM the King.

  • Daniel Aronowitsch

    Born 1983. Experienced commercial leader in Business Development and Sales Management. Strong background with senior positions and knowledge in digitization, e-commerce, online payments, and strategic partnerships. Other board assignments include Aronowitsch & Lyth AB (publ), Omniarch AB, Oarch Holding AB and Smartnicotine Nordic AB.

  • Jan Salestrand

    Born 1954. Air force officer with roughly 40 years of active service in the Armed Forces. Salestrand has held a number of senior management positions and in 2009-2014 was head of the Armed Forces Headquarters and its management staff as well as the Commander-in-Chief's chief of staff. From 2014 to 2018, Salestrand was State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense to Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist and since 1 October 2018 has held the position as head of HM the King's military staff.

  • Lovisa Aronowitsch

    Board deputy

    Born 1984: Licensed nurse anesthetist with a bachelor's degree. degree in nursing and philosophy and a master's degree in nursing. Supervisor training and Business Administration at University. She currently works as an anesthesia nurse at Södersjukhuset AB.

    Board member of Skandinaviska Handelskompaniet AB.

    Board deputy in Art Auctions Scandinaviska AB and Royal Blue AB

  • Katarina Aronowitsch

    Board deputy

    Born 1987: Educated in sales and marketing at IHM Business School. Katarina has solid and many years of experience in purchasing and product development. Previous employments include H & M Hennes & Mauritz headquarters, Anine Bing Corporation in Los Angeles and ACNE STUDIOS.

    Today, Katarina is a senior product developer at FILIPPA K. Board member of Aronowitsch & Lyth AB (publ).

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