Comex Electronics was founded in 1988 and is located in Täby, Stockholm. We are an established and well-known supplier of IT security to the Swedish defence, authorities and government works with high requirements for information security.

    Comex is one of the leading companies for the development and sale of wiretapping-proof computer equipment, computer solutions for extreme environments and advanced card terminals and
    secure login system.

  • eavesdropping protection

    All electronic equipment generates electromagnetic signals, these are transmitted and spread via, for example, the air, electricity grids and water pipes. A computer keyboard or monitor produces unintended signals that, with the right equipment, can be captured and recreated into readable information, without the user noticing.

    These electromagnetic signals are also spread intentionally, such as when a mobile phone connects to a base station or when a wireless network communicates with a computer.


    The only way to protect your IT environment against the invisible eavesdropping threat
    is to use RÖS-protected equipment (protection against revealing signals) which is available in three classes - U1, U2 and U3 or TEMPEST-protected equipment Level A and B. For almost three decades, Comex has successfully developed products that are protected against signal interception and which meets the market's various eavesdropping protection standards.

    We can of course develop products for other interception requirements on request.