At Comex, our endeavor is to build
    products that are safe and reliable. Sometimes something can still go wrong, and then our Service Department is ready to solve the errors that may occur. If an error has occurred in your hardware, you are welcome to contact us at the Comex Service Department and we will help you.


    Mail: service@comex.se
    Phone: 08-630 82 30 (dial tone)


    We would be happy if you fill in and attach our error report with repair cases.

    This is so that we can gain an understanding of when a problem in a product arises, to facilitate troubleshooting and so that we have current and correct contact information for you who submit a product. Contact us and we will send you an error report.


    For Defense and Authority organization stations with assigned equipment, it is often the case that repairs and maintenance are handled centrally within the Defence. Please check whether such regulations exist for your product before submitting it for


    Our products are normally delivered with a 2-year warranty, and are usually marked with a label that shows when the warranty expires. During this time, the warranty covers most faults not caused by external influences. For products without a warranty label, the production week (Prodv.) can be read on the model plate in the format YYYY. The warranty period is normally 2 years from the end of the production month.

    Example: "Prodv 1942" means that the product was manufactured in 2019 week 42.